Prof Azam’s research papers reach over 1000 citations
03:04pm, 17th Apr, 2024

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Rabindra University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Md Shah Azam’s research papers have reached over 1,000 citations, according to Google Scholar.
As per the Google Scholar account of Prof Dr Azam from 2007 to March 2024, more than 50 research articles have been published in Q1 category journals.
Besides presenting articles at national and international conferences, he has served as moderator and chaired many international conferences.
Since assuming responsibility as the VC, he emphasised the co-educational activities of the university along with education and research, said Dr Azam. His research activity was greatly hindered as he concentrated on administrative work, he said, adding “But achieving thousands of citations in Google Scholar is undoubtedly a joy.”
Vice Chancellor Shah Azam's research interests are in Innovation, Strategy, Leadership and Service Research.
Despite not having its own land, Rabindra University has successfully organised two international conferences so far with the efforts of Rabindra Vice-Chancellor Professor Shah Azam. Besides, the graduation of the first batch of students of the three departments of the university has been completed.
Professor Shah Azam is hopeful that the graduation of the second batch of students will also be completed soon.