Innovation Expo held at Rabindra University Bangladesh
03:36pm, 8th May, 2024

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Vice-chancellor of the RUB, Professor Md Shah Azam, was present as chief guest at the event.

‘Innovation is such a process which creates new things or improves existing things. Innovation is an ever-changing concept and it is very important for our society. The world is changing with the advancement of technology.

Innovation is a must to meet the challenges of the modern industrial revolution while keeping up with this changing world. The younger generation must come forward when it comes to innovation,’ said Md Shah Azam.

‘Rabindra University is determined to fulfil the goal of Smart Bangladesh, spread Bengali culture and the creations of Rabindranath Tagore. Students have to think globally and act locally. We need to carry out innovation activities to keep up with global needs and apply innovation to society. Only then sustainable development can be achieved in keeping with the modern world,’ he added.

The event featured six participants and individuals with the top three ideas bagged awards. Md Shah Azam distributed awards and certificates at the event.

Besides, the RUB proctor Md Fakhrul Islam, students and faculty members were present at the event, which was anchored by the convenor of the innovation team and assistant professor of economics department Bezon Kumar.