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Rabindra University Celebrated the Bengali New Year with a Colorful Arrangement

Pahela Boishakh, the biggest festival of the Bengali nation, has been celebrated with a colorful arrangement at Rabindra University in Shahjadpur, Sirajganj.
Under the leadership of RUB Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Md. Shah Azam , the teachers-students from RUB Academic Building-1 reached the premises of Rabindra Kanchari Bari on Friday morning (April 14).
Keeping in mind , the slogan 'Get purified in the fire bath', the students participated in the Mangal Shobhayatra ( procession for wellbeing) for welcoming the first day of Bengali New Year wearing folk costumes of the country with placards, festoons, banners, riding on bullock carts and also with the beat of drums . After the discussion, traditional cultural programs were performed in the open courtyard of Rabindra Kanchari house, which was decorated keeping in mind the traditional folk culture of Bengal.
RUB Vice Chancellor has said in this meeting that UNESCO has evaluated the Mangal shobhayatra (well being procession) as a symbol of the brave struggle of the people of Bangladesh to establish justice and welfare against injustice. The fact that all the people of the country, regardless of religion-caste-gender, united in the same spirit and participated in the Mangal shovayatra and also played an important role in getting this recognition from UNESCO.
He expressed hope that RUB's teachers and students will be inspired by this call and move forward to build a happy and non-communal country. At this time, the President of RUB Teachers Association, Md. Fakhrul Islam, Registrar Sohrab Ali and chairman of various departments, teachers, students and officials were present.

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